Little Architect_Skylinecrown

The activity consists of creating a paper crown with their drawing of an imaginary future city skyline.

Making the ‘skyline drawing’ on a single sheet of paper allows us to think and talk about different elements of the past and future city. We will show images of London and its skyline, as well as other cities and their landmarks. They will learn how cities look like from the air. The skyscrapers, houses, trees, birds, greenhouses, etc. are just a few of the elements of their Future Kingdom. Once they have drawn and colored the skyline it is then cut out to create the Crown! Wearing these we will collectively think and create our own constitution.

The skyline drawing allows us to talk about different elements of the city, those that we inherit from the past and those to come.



With our Crowns on, sitting down on the carpet, we will together think and write about our   new city rules.

Key concepts:

Analyzing the existing city: London skyline and its famous elements.
Analyzing other cities´ skylines.
Developing, planning and communicating ideas.
Drawing ,discussing, cutting.
Expressing our feelings and desires.






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