About Teaching

What are our attainments key targets?

–          Developing observational skills

–          Developing creativity

–          Enjoying and appreciating the built environment

–          Drawing, drawing, drawing…

–          Exploring art as a comunnication tool

–          Expressing feelings and desires

–          Exploring different buildings and cities in the world

–          Learning about energy, urban flora,fauna and food, water,transport

–          Exploring new buildings and heritage

–          Exploring professional roles

–          Working individually and in groups

We want children:

. To improve attention to the built environment and enjoyment of their surrounding

. To enhance their creative way of thinking.

. To promote eco-friendly behavior.

. To develop commitment to a better future for the planet.

. To have fun!

We will push them to dare and to experiment.

Nothing will be ugly or beautiful; everything will be interesting!!

DSCN0208How do we teach?

–       Two or more AA tutors will work closely and interactively with all children.                   –       Ideally the class teacher will be with the tutors during the activity so that they can discuss the content and evolve the children’s ideas when we’re not there.                         –       The educational process is a rich, intense and fun one and we encourage the children to ask and comment on their work at all times.                                                                  –       They will have homework to do between lessons! We will ask the class to look at buildings while out in the city, especially their shapes and materials. In that way they will become more aware of their environment from the very first lesson.                                    –       Activities are always focused on a combination of individual and group exercises.