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The activity consists of observing, sketching, cutting, drawing and collaging their existing school.

Consists of observing, sketching, cutting, drawing and collaging their school.

The children will take photos and make drawings of the school to discover its secrets. After exploring and learning about materials, shapes, energy, colours, etc the children will ‘collage’ magazines images and their own designs to entirely re-design their class, playground, façade, and/or even teachers.

140321_HM workshop_2_Page_3 CHOSENWe will print the school pictures out and add our drawings and sketches.Through the collage technique, showing them previous fun examples and using magazines and their own designs, they will re-design their class, playground, facade or even teachers!

collage schoolKey concepts:

Analyzing their nearest built environment.
Paying attention to details.
Developing observation.
Drawing, sticking. coloring, cutting, taking pictures and printing.
Exploring different art expressions.
Expressing feelings and desires.