The activity consists of creating a big mural with their buildings and artifacts for the future.The class will be a team of architects, engineers, biologists, gardeners, car designers, urban farmers and heritage experts. After introducing them to different elements in cities, they will collectively create a future city. Each child will decide what buildings and artifacts to design and then we will stick our designs together to create a big mural.

IMG_1326We will discuss the different types of buildings and why we have them. The private ones: houses, offices, shops… and the public ones: museums, hospitals, schools, etc. We will teach about urban infrastructures: Transport, water, energy, waste…

During the lessons we will focus on the idea that architecture should be aimed at citizens┬┤ happiness. Buildings, people, fauna and flora form our urban ecosystem and they will learn about that concept. Ideally, the mural will be displayed in a common area at the school for other classes to learn and enjoy.

Key concepts:

Designing, drawing, coloring, cutting.
Exploring different cities in the world.
Team work, organizing duties.
Exploring professional roles.
Learning about energy, urban flora and fauna, heritage, urban food, water, buildings, transport.
















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