Little Architect Clock Tower WorkshopAt the AA, as one of the most well-renowned educators in architecture, we feel an obligation to reach out to primary school children to improve their understanding of our cities. By delivering Little Architect we are fostering a creative and critical way of thinking and freedom to draw imaginary futures that will be for all our benefit, as we push for society and architecture to become more strongly intertwined in future generations.Understanding the built environment is an important element of any well rounded school-level education and it is one that, disappointingly, is not presently a part of the National Curriculum. The objective of our programme is to address that deficit.This programme allow us to develop new ways of teaching adapting urban concepts and contemporary architecture within a playful and experimental primary school culture, delivering to different levels of educational needs. Little Architect is spreading architectural knowledge in and outside of London with children from all kinds of backgrounds.Working in partnership with schools will offer us insight into how architecture is perceived and communicated in our schools and our wider society.In 2014\16  we counted on the support of the Arts Council of England, which was an extraordinary starting point, but now we need your donations to reach as many primary schools as possible, in the next school year.

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