The activity consists of creating a whole paper city by recycling paper scraps with different colors and thickness.

We will use hundreds of little paper leftovers to create our buildings and shape a new city by drawing and coloring on the paper pieces. The class will be a massive team of architects, engineers, landscape designers, artists, biologists, farmers, museum directors, sport facilities managers and shop owners and each child will have a role to design his/her building.

With this activity we give the children freedom to draw, cut and build with the paper leftovers, which also promotes recycling. They draw in small scale paying close attention to details and with all of their designs we create a common urban landscape. Children will write about their city. We can add this part of the lesson to the ICT programme and create nice labels for the “expo”.

They will glue their buildings one next to the other, shaping an urban landscape over a portable surface. We can make a “POP UP CITY” or just a “PORTABLE CITY”

  Little Architec-POPUP-1405202With this activity we are breaking the fear of the established paper format and giving them freedom to directly draw on these bits, cut them or build a 3d object.We promote recycling. They draw in small scale paying attention to details. We create a common urban landscape with all their designs

Key concepts:

-Recycling, designing, drawing, colouring, cutting

-Exploring new formats to draw on.

-Team work decisions, organizing duties, exploring professional roles

-Learning about energy, urban flora and fauna, heritage, urban food, water, buildings, transport